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'Parting the Veil: Reflections on Soul'

1st Edition

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Joy is available as a speaker to community groups. Please email Joy for more information: joy.nugent@internode.on.net

Bright New Voices — a radio interview with Joy

Hay House Radio Interview 2017 gives Joy the opportunity to talk widely about her work.

Joy Launches new book 'My Way'

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Book – 'As Good As Goodbyes Get'

2nd Edition

A Window into Death and Dying

Joy Nugent left a comfortable life as the wife of a successful orthodontist to follow a calling and vocation. For more than three decades she was a student at the bedside of people who were dying. It is her belief that in order to live a fuller and more meaningful life we need to become more open in our conversations about death and dying. This belief has the potential to lead a person to die with confidence and faith in a cosmic purpose rather than fear of the unknown. As Good as Goodbyes Get is a bridge from a traditional medical approach to an approach that considers the eternal soul of the person.

-Andrew Harvey, editor of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, internationally acclaimed author, and mystical scholar and teacher.

“And I benefitted from having your book, which is written in a very sensitive, sensible way and provided an easy read with very valuable advice. I hope you market it internationally to oncology nurses, oncologists, medical oncology departments, and nursing homes” 

-Jorge F. Cassir, MD, An oncologist from New York

There is no greater endorsement I can give of Joy Nugent’s work than to say when it’s time for me to make my transition she is someone I would choose to accompany me to the threshold. Joy is a person of deep wisdom, intuition, and grace. She knows how to listen and reflect to others their own truth. The gems shared in As Good as Goodbyes Get help the reader learn what is healing and beneficial for those who are approaching the end of their physical lives. Hope, peace and love are the treasures that can be mined in a good death experience. With compassion and kindness Joy helps people find the path that will lead them “home.”

-Sarah G. Schwartz, Music Educator: Cellist and Therapeutic Harpist in Medina, Ohio

Purchase the book here: www.joynugentbook.com 
Local buyers can order by emailing Joy at joy.nugent@internode.on.net

Joy is available as a speaker to community groups. Please email Joy for more information: joy.nugent@internode.on.net

Book – 'Amazing Encounters'

Direct Communication from the Afterlife

by Elizabeth Keane PhD

This book is a collection of compelling stories of people who have received direct visits and communications from departed loved ones – spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends. Experiences of visions, conversations, dreams, familiar smells, hugs and kisses convey a remarkable certainty about the loved ones presence in the world of spirit. Having encountered the presence of a departed loved one the participants in this research no longer doubt there is an afterlife. Clearly written and thoroughly researched this gem of a book breaks new ground by also describing the characteristic features of these after-death communications. Each chapter develops one of these characteristic features. This book writes of the extensive research that has been conducted for more than one hundred years into the survival of our consciousness, and also describes how those who have gone before us come back, time after time, to share that consciousness bringing messages and evidential signs of presence and continuing love. "Amazing Encounters" contributes to the ongoing research into this phenomenon. Editorial Review In this book, "Amazing Encounters", Dr Elizabeth Keane clearly shows that love lives on and these encounters take place in a multiplicity of changing circumstances. Millions of these mysterious events, happening to ordinary people in everyday life, provide openings into the infinite. Dr Keane will light this route for you in the pages of this book and give you much to think about. Over and over again one is struck by the fact that death is a door not a wall. If you are a carer, a mourner, support person, or wrestling with your own perception of mortality this is the book for you. Louis La Grand PhD, CT. Author of "Love Lives On" and "Messages and Miracles"

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Local buyers can order by emailing Elizabeth Keane at lizkeane@bigpond.net.au

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Book – 'New Nursing'

$7.50 AUD

"Joy Nugent writes and works with integrity and purpose and great love for those she serves. As a nurse leader in innovative private nurse practice she is an inspiration to younger nurses and her respect for and understanding of Florence Nightingale is outstanding. May this new nursing model of care be taught and practiced globally to new generations of nurses. I am grateful to call Joy my friend and fellow nurse colleague."

—Geri Marr Burdman, Ph.D.

Founder and president of GeroWise International and author of ‘The Search for Significance’

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Book – 'Coming Down from the Mountain'

a journey through catholicism to the god of love

by Lyn Rose

"Once a Catholic always a Catholic. How often over my life have I heard these words? Growing up Catholic had a huge impact on my life. It was the very foundation where my morals, values and beliefs were shaped and formed.

Over the last few years I have been on a spiritual journey of many new learning and understandings. I now happily and freely say that I have come to a new spiritual awakening which means I no longer associate myself as a member of the Catholic Church. While I had often questioned many of the Church’s teachings, I now have to, with honesty and integrity, admit to myself and others that I no longer want to be connected with the Catholic faith. Arriving at this decision has been like going through a tunnel (a very long tunnel) and coming out the other side into a new light."

— Lyn Rose

Purchase the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Coming-Down-Mountain-Lyn-Rose/dp/1504304071